BackYard – Chock full of information along with a wonderful forum

Backyard Poultry magazine – Raising hens in Seattle, WA.

The Easy Chicken Poultry and Supply – Information on care as well as products for sale

Omlet – Makers of the Eglu, a well thought-out chicken coop/run combination

Duncan’s Backyard Henhouses – Vancouver Backyard Henhouses. Beautiful chicken coops can be ordered from this website. Best of all? Made in Canada!

The Modern Homestead – Starting a Small Flock of Chickens: Questions and Answers – answers to common questions along with moral discussions:
“How can you bear to eat an animal you’ve known personally?”
To which the logical answer seems to be: “How can you bear to eat one you haven’t?!”

Mad City Chickens

Urban Chickens Network Blog

Chicken Feed: The World of Chickens – Amazing website chock full of technical information, feeding formulas, care etc.