Help for people who would like to keep chickens in Toronto

This blog was created to help you if you would like to keep chickens for eggs in Toronto. Keeping chickens is much easier than you might think, and once you get used to collecting fresh eggs every day, it is soooo hard to go back to the supermarket.

We’re in business now


Two out of the four girls are now producing. I can’t believe how bright the yolks are. Must be all the bugs, grass and occasional worms they’re eating. Even though I was buying eggs directly from a neighbour, these are far superior. In addition to their free-ranging feed, they get organic layers’ mash, flax seeds …

First egg

First Egg

What a surprise! Our first egg. She didn’t know to lay it in the nest, but learned very quickly thereafter. This was laid by one of the more “seasoned” hens. The younger ones are not six months old yet, so not quite past puberty. I put a couple of golf balls into the nest to …

The girls’ first day at home


This is their first day in their new home – Eglu by Omlet. They’re trying to figure out who’s boss! I chose the Eglu because it is easy to maintain, easy to collect eggs, predator proof, the girls come come and go as they please from the coop to the run, and it’s cute!

Picking out the girls


It was a perfect summer day for a drive in the country.  We prepared for the task by picking up a couple of corrugate boxes lines with newspaper. Once the tops are closed, the chickens think it is night and go to sleep. And while they are sleeping, they can’t…you know. After all, the drive …