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Changing the Law

The City of Toronto Municipal Code has a schedule of prohibited animals. In the mammal section, we see the following: Galliformes (such as pheasants, grouse, guineafowls, turkeys). While chickens are not specifically mentioned, they fall under the “Galliforme” category. Pigeons, however, not being Galliformes, are allowed.

Where are we in the process right now? The Parks & Environment Committee will be looking into this issue. They will be meeting on May 21st at which time we hope they will recommend a pilot project to be endorsed by City Council at the next meeting (June 7th or 8th). City staff will have to come up with guidelines for the pilot project.

It looks like its going to be long process, but we are optimistic that the pilot project will be a success, and ultimately the law will be changed. There are 44 city councillor and therefore 23 will have to vote in favour of the change. If you are able, please come out to the meeting on May 21st to show your support for backyard chickens in Toronto.


  • Siri says:

    At what time is the meeting? Siri

  • Aurora Chicken says:

    I would like to come to the meeting to support you. I live in Aurora, Ontario and was informed by the bylaw office to make a deputation at a Council meeting as a first step to have the bylaw changed to allow chickens in Aurora.

  • Ned says:

    Hang on a second… this bylaw was supposed to be introduced in Oct.2009. They were saying back then that it was just a formality, and I thought it had been done. Whatever happened to that???

  • Anonymous says:

    if they do change the bylaw, i hope they don’t set unreasonable conditions, such as having the keep the chickens at least 50 feet away from neighbouring property. that’s impossible for most people living in this city, where lots are not that big.

  • JT says:

    Is there any progress being made?? I am a tenant so need to be on the up and up. My landlord is cool with it though being like minded but the neighbours would not be so agreeable as they asked me to keep my non barking quiet dog inside when they are outside because (I’m serious) they “do not want to have to worry that he might try to hop the fence if they are bbqing”. We are talking about a 12 year old toy poodle and a 5 foot fence. Not like he tries to jump into MY bbq when I am grilling. Oh well, I’m a city girl. I just don’t think they would not say anything even were they clearly in a tractor and not able to fly over the fence and eat their grilled chicken!

    Any ideas on how long the full legalization will take and what the wards would be for the pilot? How to apply etc etc? It seems from the reading I have done that it has been talked about for a loooong time. I grew up with chooks and I really miss those eggs!

  • Zoologist says:

    I support your activities wholeheartedly! Best of luck!

    Just a question though, why is this under the mammals section?

  • Jessica says:

    How’s this for law changes. I live in Flamborough, which is part of the amalgamated City of Hamilton. The City of Hamilton is thinking of new by-laws which would prevent me from keeping chickens out here as my property is not a ‘farm’. I have an acre and am surrounded by 450 acres of farmland. I hope Toronto changes their by-laws (we moved from T.O. two years ago). And I am fighting tooth and nail against bringing those same ridiculous by-laws out into rural Ontario.

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