Who wants chicks?

Since I’ve become a chicken-keeper 4 years ago, I’ve acquired only ‘point-of-lay’ hens. These hens are about 6 months old and are just about ready to lay eggs. Some have been more people-friendly than others, but they do tend to be rather skittish. I now have the opportunity to get ‘day-old’ chicks. Since we will be like their mamma, we should have more success with them being socialized to us.

One of our favourite breeds is the Barred Plymouth Rock. I am a big fan of getting chickens from a small farmer who has bred them onsite, and feel very fortunate to have connected with Brian who has Barred Rock fertilized eggs in his incubator as we speak. They should be hatching in about 2 1/2 weeks, after which time I could pick them up and raise them in a home-made corrugate box brooder. We will keep them toasty warm for about 6 weeks under a red light, and at 10 weeks we hope they will be ready to integrate with our flock of 3. Since the weather will be getting warmer, we’ll be able to take them outside on the grass during the day to get them used to their future home environment.

Brian has both Barred Rocks and Americaunas (blue egg-layers) available.

To contact him, email:


  • Love Chickens says:

    Sounds like an exciting thing to raise the little chicks. Are you able to tell the sex when they are so small to make sure you only get female chicks?

  • Adam says:

    this might be the wrong section too posting this but iv always wanted chickens unfortunately i live in maple and our neighbors are only separated by a wrote iron fence soo i cant even attempt to hide them do you know of anyways of keeping chickens in this kind of situation … our backyard is very large considering the area we live in its 78 feet wide and 140 feet deep soo if you got any sugestions on how i can find a way of raising chickens that would be awesome thank you soo much

  • Looking for ready to lay chicken says:

    I was just wondering about where can I get a “ready to lay” chicken?, do you have any source? If you do, can you please email me the info.


  • Underground in the City says:

    I am also underground with my hens in the city. I have 4. Until we can get it put in as a legal right to own hens in the city, I don’t want to risk losing them due to a nasty neighbor. (You know it will be the one who doesn’t think there is anything wrong with letting their dog bark non-stop for an hour.) My neighbors either know about them and like them or they don’t even know I have them. Two neighbors are now thinking about getting their own hens for eggs. I find the girls are quiet except when they announce an egg and it is easy to keep them clean. They love my kitchen scraps and helping till the vegetable garden, finding insects to eat in the lawn and taking care of my dandelions, clover and extra herbs and I love the tasty eggs that I know are from happy birds.

  • Anonymous says:

    I want a chick as soon as they legalize it….. email me with more info… ie.. price… where to pick up etc…

  • Fra says:

    I’m in Toronto and hope to acquire a mixed flock of chickens within the next year — with any luck it will be legal by then! Because we’ll be keeping them as pets, I intend to get them as hatchlings. Of course, I’m also looking forward to fresh eggs for family and friends. At the moment, I’m researching the various breeds, and one that interests me is the Orpington. By all accounts, they’re docile and friendly, as well as decent layers. However, I don’t know where to find one. Does anyone know of a breeder in the Toronto area?
    I’ve also been looking through Frey’s catalogue, and am considering a Shaver Sex Link. Apparently they’re super layers, though I wonder what kind of temperament they have? Does anyone have one as a pet? I’m also considering a Barred Rock (they seem to get generally good reviews), and possibly Frey’s RI Red X Columbian Rock. Any advice from people who have experience with these breeds would be greatly appreciated!

  • New Layer says:

    I am new to owning chickens (I’ve had my 1 year old layers for just over a week) and have a few questions I need help with.
    I am wondering if you can give me advice on letting them roam my backyard. I have a long driveway that goes to the street. Do I need to put fence up? Will they wonder far?
    So far they aren’t laying (I am guessing do to the stress of the move), they are much louder than anticipated (sometimes they sound like roosters in the morning with so much squaking) and last night there was a raccoon attack, thankfully with only minor injuries!
    Any suggestions you have to make the transition easier on both of us would be helpful!

    • Raccoon attack? Oh dear! Are you locking up in the coop at night?

      For sure you need secure fencing where they are roaming as they will not know where your property ends and the street begins.

      1 year-old hens should be laying very regularly at this time of year. Almost an egg a day from each one.

      Let us know how it goes.

  • Torontonian says:

    Pleasant View Farms in Mississauga has point-of-lay or laying chickens and different feeds and they also have chicks in the spring. Their contact info is as follows:
    1409 Tonolli Road, Mississauga, ON L4Y 4C2 (Queensway and Dixie)
    Tel: 905-277-2993

  • Corra says:

    Hello! I have a whole series of questions about your mission to keep chickens. I’d like to email you directly, however I don’t have outlook express so the email link won’t work for me. Would you mind emailing me? My email address is:

    themayberrysparrowATyahoo dot ca


  • Mite Problems says:

    Hi Toronto chicken.

    I have a question on mites. I have four chickens at home now. suddently they stopped laying, so when i examined them for any health issue, I found a red mite crawling allover their bodies. Do you have any experience dealing with then with your chickens. Can they get on humans and inside the house. alos I have dog which plays with them, i am concerned my dog. as I don’t want my dog to get that mite. Is there any way to get ride of these mite. Please help!!!!

    • I’ve never encountered a mite problem. At least you have a diagnosis. I would suggest posting the question on

      When you do find a solution, please post back here so we could share with others.


      • Mite Problem Solved says:

        Hi Torontochicken

        I have solved the mite problem with dust bath powder that is sold in any feed store. Just clean out the coop, take out the straw and the feed and waterer. c lean everything throughly. replace with new straw and dust the chicken with powerder. do it every month or every three weeks. there is a video about it in youtube. Unfortunately, someone complained about me having chicken in backyard. So now i have to get ride of them or give away to animal control officer. Hopefully they legalize keeping few chicken in the backyard.

  • Chicken For Sale says:

    i have four chicken for sale for $20. the reason is that i just a letter from the animal control to remove the chicken, a someone complained on it. they are great layer. i have two sussex and two sex link. i get 3 or 4 eggs almost everyday.

  • Interested says:

    You live in Toronto and own chickens right? Is is allowed by law?
    Also I wanted to know about the winter care in Toronto for Chicken.

  • Chickengate says:

    We live in Quinte West (Trenton/Belleville area) and have backyard pet hens. Last Dec a neighbour complained to the city (found chicken feathers in his yard) & we were told by the city to get rid of them. We wrote a letter in response, & then ended up on the radio & then interviewed by local newspapers. The city responded with a stay until council could meet over it. The meeting took place and now there will be a public meeting May 19 at 6pm. We love our chickens! Please check out our facebook page Quinte West let me keep my chickens. We’re on twitter too @chickengate :)
    Wish us luck!!

  • DD Poultry says:

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