Press Release – Disappointment in Calgary Court Decision

Toronto Chickens Disappointed in Calgary Court Decision: Fight continues for urban farmers

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:  The working group of backyard chicken owners in Toronto, Toronto Chickens, is disappointed with a Calgary court decision declaring that Paul Hughes has lost his challenge to try to lift a ban on urban chickens. We support him in his appeal of the verdict.

Mr. Hughes’ court case took place over four days in March, 2012. He was challenging his city’s bylaws that disallow the possession of urban chickens in Calgary. As a group that is working to change Toronto’s bylaw so that urban hens will be allowed again in the city, Toronto Chickens monitored this case closely, waiting patiently for the verdict that came six months later and was delivered yesterday.

Toronto Chickens will continue its fight to lift the ban on backyard chickens in this city. A documentary is also currently being developed called Crackdown!  Where CHICKENS are outlawed, only OUTLAWS have chickens. Please see details at

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For the complete details: R vs Paul Hughes, Canadian Right to Food Trial Decision 2012 Calgary