Useful Information on Chicken Keeping

So, what do you need to get started?

  1. Coop + run – a set-up similar to the Eglu ( Or for more birds, and made in Canada, check out: Duncan’s Backyard Henhouses.
  2. Layers’ Mash (preferably organic). Have it available as needed along with water on demand. It comes in 25 kg. bags manufactured by Homestead Organics. Homestead Organics is a local Ottawa area company committed to sustainable organic agriculture). The girls love the feed.  Important – keep the grain in a sealed container. I bought an extra green bin from the City, which perfectly fits the contents of a 25 kg. bag.
  3. On a daily basis, fresh food and water is added, the eggs are collected and the droppings tray is emptied into the composter.  Takes very little time.
  4. Last, but not least, you need hens. They will begin laying at about 6 months of age and you could order them at that age. Here are some options:
    1. Order from any feed store.
    2. Order directly from a hatchery:  Frey’s Hatchery in St. Jacobs, Bonnie’s Chick Hatchery in Elmira, or for exotic breeds, try Performance Poultry in Prince Edward County. Also, I just heard about a reliable supplier in Elmira, ON: Pullets Plus Inc.
    3. Order directly from a small-scale farmer hatching their own eggs (my favourite option).