Councillor Joe Mihevc helping to ‘save the chickens’

Seedy Saturday on Sunday

This past Sunday we had the opportunity to talk to both supporters and future chicken-keepers in Toronto.  It was delightful to talk to so many people in favour of legalizing backyard hens. It was also interesting to learn that there are many illegals out there living in harmony with their chickens and neighbours. Thank you to Carolyn for arranging our table and to everyone who dropped by to say hello. For those of you who don’t know, Seedy Saturday is a wonderful event at the Wychwood Barns where people could trade or buy seeds, just in time for Spring planting. There were a large array of both merchants (food, sustainable living and building, gardening) and non-profit organizations that all share a common goal with respect to the environment and sustainability. The event was so successful, in fact, that I wouldn’t be surprised if they need a larger space for next year.
Check back soon for information on the next Chicken-Care Workshop!


  • Jackie says:

    My question many years to chickens produce eggs and what do you do with your chickens when they no longer produce?? I can see this as a real problem having to get 3-5 chickens every 3 years…that could add up to many non-egg producing chickens after a while.

    • Chickens lay well for 4 or 5 years, especially if they are not ‘over-worked’ in the winter with artificial light manipulation. You will get fewer eggs as the hens get older. Hens as old as 9 years could still lay eggs. My 3-year olds are still laying well, however, there was a period during the winter of about 6 weeks when they didn’t lay at all.

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