A Day at City Hall

Today, the motion was put before the Licensing & Standards Committee to investigate the feasibility of allowing backyard hens in Toronto. Present at the committee were 5 of the 6 members, including the Chair Cesar Palacio.

There were a number of debutants, including chicken-keepers, author Lorraine Johnson, Assistant Professor of Public Health Policy Catherine Mah, high school students, grade school students, animal alliance. In total, there were 14 speakers. Out of the 14 speakers, 13 speakers requested the committee to vote to read the reports (which had already been completed). That’s 93%. After listening to 93% of the people offering fact-based reasons to at least read the report, all 5 committee members voted to defer the item indefinitely.

We were shocked, to say the least. We were also extremely confused. The committee members told us that they would defer making a decision until after the meeting. Then, when provided with an abundance of support to move forward with the report, they all voted against it. Is this how municipal politics works?

2012-01-25 Minutes – Licensing and Standards Committee


  • Amazed at the Stupidity says:

    racoons , foxes ,stray cats, weasels, skunks and rats these are all the latest things to move into my backyard since someone decided to keep chickens in their backyard on my street and none of the chickens lasted more than two weeks free range chickens in an urban setting is bad news mostly for the chickens

  • mike barber says:

    I don’t think the chickens should be blamed for the pests that came into your yard. I was born and raised in toronto and all of the pests you just mentioned were always a part of the scenery in my neighborhood from as far back as I can remember. I do agree that the chcikens need to be inclosed and well protected from predators. But maybe you could voice positive critisism instead of blasted the whole idea out of the water :)

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